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Paintings & Drawings Portfolio
Within this site you will find my resume and contact information.  Within my portfolio you will find a wide range of categories
that will showcase the work that I do.
Logo & Print Design Portfolio
Graphic Design Portfolio
I have created many digital illustrations and graphics and am proficient in both
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  I do touch ups, photo restoration, photo
montages, panoramics, collages, and digitize drawings.  

I create both raster and vector for print and the web.  

If you would like to see examples please go to my
Graphic Design Portfolio.
I am an amateur photographer but have been taking photos for the past ten
years.  I use my own photographs in my projects and have worked with
professional photographers creating compositions, settings, and lighting.  

I also touch up and restore old photos, create photo montages, and panoramics.
If you would like to see examples please go to my
Photography Portfolio.
Video Portfolio
Photography Portfolio
I create video montages and video editing.  I also use video content in my
computer based training programs.  I have worked with professionals creating
short films and documentaries as an audio and video editor.

If you would like to see examples please go to my
Video Portfolio.
I have created a number of sites for clients and friends.  I will work with my
clients to create a site that represents their company, style, and business.  I
work to ensure that we are reaching their target audience with a clean, clear
and intuitive site.  I have experience with HTML, XML, Javascript, and PHP.  

If you would like to see examples please go to my
Web Design Portfolio.
Computer Based Training
Web Design Portfolio
I have been drawing all of my life.  I work in charcoal, chalk, pencil, graphite, and
color pencil.  I also cover all subjects from still life, nudes, landscapes, realistic
rendering, animation, Japanese anime, and portraits.

I started painting in my early twenties.  I work in both oils and watercolors.  The
main subject matter for my oil paintings is flowers but I have branched out to also
do landscapes.  My watercolors are mainly in the style of Japanese Sumi

If you would like to see examples please go to my
Drawings & Paintings Portfolio.
I have been drafting for over 15 years.  I went to the School of Architecture at
Syracuse and learned about design, space planning, model building and
architectural drafting.  I can create plans, sections, studies, isometrics, and
perspectives.  I have experience with structural and civil engineering.  I have done
drafting, blueprints, construction documents, fabrication drawings and
presentation drawings.

I have also been using AutoCad for over 15 years.   I am proficient in both 2D and
3D design.  I also create renderings, fly-throughs, and animations.

If you would like to see examples please go to my
Architecture Portfolio.
I have been creating Computer Based Training programs for the past three
years.  Most of the programs I have created focus on children's learning games
but I have also created programs for adults.

Within all of my programs I make sure that it is broken down into easy to follow
lessons, filled with supportive content and graphics, and I use games and
quizzes to help provide the user feedback that they are progressing.

If you would like to see examples please go to my
 Computer Based Training
I have created logos, brochures, advertisements, menus, postcards, and
designs for patents for many customers and friends.

I will provide a number of options and designs in a range of styles and fonts for
the customer to pick and choose the details they would like so that I can ensure
that I am giving them as many options as I can to create their ideal design.   

If you would like to see examples please go to my
Logo & Print Design Portfolio.